Monday, 24 October 2011

Really? Mobile Alabama?

The Port City, The Azalea City, The City of Six Flags, The Deep South, The Big Stank.  Ok I made that last nickname up.  Back in March I apparently took a whirlwind tour of Mobile Alabama!  Once again Latitude is very confident that I was at this exact spot.  What is going on at this location you ask?  I want to know too.

It's a salvation army store. yay!

There is a historical building/ wedding hall nearby called Blacksherhall

There is a disturbing lack of details on its website, almost as if someone has put up a façade to try to placate me.  Knowing that I would find out I had been transported against my will for some nefarious purpose.  Trying to convince me that I had merely popped down for a quick wedding reception that I have no memory of.  Nothing to worry about.  I will continue to investigate...

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