Friday, 30 December 2011

Among the Francais

Earlier this spring after my whirlwind tour of Kingston I seem to have popped over to a little town named St. Georges.  I'm sure it was down right charming but I'll never know.

Reading the wikipedia page for St. Georges make me think that my short visit here must have been a strange one.  I've always said that traveling to quebec was like visiting another country.  The wording is so awkward with phrases like 'Autoroute' and 'Carrefour' and 'Maxi'

Strangest of all is that I seemed to have stopped in at a Sears and shopping complex while I was there.  Why I didn't go to one of the 3 in the area that I live?  I'll never know.

Although, the view was nice, I'd give it a B+

Thursday, 10 November 2011

One day in Kingston...

April 27th, 2011 what was I doing on that date?  I'm not sure, that whole period is kind of hazy what with a newborn baby and all.  Not too busy however because according to latitude I took a quick run out to Kingston Ontario.  Just a short 3.5 hour drive from my house.

Oh Kingston why can't I remember your delightful shores on lake Ontario?
So what is so important in Kingston that I just had to go there?  

Hell, there's a Tim Hortons every 2 blocks where I live
Princess Street actually looks like a happening place.  Tim Hortons, Great Chow Chinese Delivery, Black Star Body piercing, Kingston medical arts centre, SUSHI YA!  Its all very exciting, not too sure about the body piercing though.

I don't even like Sushi...
Fun Fact! A google search for 'What is kingston ontario known for?' brings up this link:

"Kingston Ontario is known for having the world's best fresh-water shipwreck diving" - I did not know this!

So I guess one day in April I decided to go to Kingston for some damn fine SUSHI! the best fresh water diving I've ever had and maybe even a piercing of some kind.  Great... now I have to check my body to see if I have any piercings that I don't remember getting.  I really really hope I didn't get a prince albert.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Really? Mobile Alabama?

The Port City, The Azalea City, The City of Six Flags, The Deep South, The Big Stank.  Ok I made that last nickname up.  Back in March I apparently took a whirlwind tour of Mobile Alabama!  Once again Latitude is very confident that I was at this exact spot.  What is going on at this location you ask?  I want to know too.

It's a salvation army store. yay!

There is a historical building/ wedding hall nearby called Blacksherhall

There is a disturbing lack of details on its website, almost as if someone has put up a fa├žade to try to placate me.  Knowing that I would find out I had been transported against my will for some nefarious purpose.  Trying to convince me that I had merely popped down for a quick wedding reception that I have no memory of.  Nothing to worry about.  I will continue to investigate...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It happened again...

I'm fairly certain that I've never been to Montreal, I visited Hull Quebec for a single afternoon some 4 or 5 years ago but that's it.  But I must have been there because Latitude clearly shows me being there, it must have happened!

The error circle is pretty small so I must have been at this place for a while

Latitude is very confident that I was at this house a margin of error of only a few dozen metres.

What happened to me at this delightful looking row house?
There are two graphic design companies nearby.  Did I take a quick 12 hour drive over to Mount Royal in the dead of winter to find the perfect wallpaper pattern?  Damn, I need to take another look at my house for rogue wallpaper.  I will have to investigate further...

I look at this pattern and I think it is watching me

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Something disturbing has happened...

I trust Google in everything they do so as I look through my Google Latitude History I see that I’ve been to Louth St. In St. Catherines Ontario.  I have no memory of this visit.  There is something weird going on here… I must have been there but I just can’t remember.  I am disturbed, I ‘m going to investigate further…

The mystery deepens.  I must have went to this tree nursery for some reason.  I just can’t remember.  I’ll have to check my backyard for any trees I might have purchased.  This trip happened back in January, you think I would have noticed any strange new trees in my backyard.  This is disturbing, I will investigate some more…