Thursday, 10 November 2011

One day in Kingston...

April 27th, 2011 what was I doing on that date?  I'm not sure, that whole period is kind of hazy what with a newborn baby and all.  Not too busy however because according to latitude I took a quick run out to Kingston Ontario.  Just a short 3.5 hour drive from my house.

Oh Kingston why can't I remember your delightful shores on lake Ontario?
So what is so important in Kingston that I just had to go there?  

Hell, there's a Tim Hortons every 2 blocks where I live
Princess Street actually looks like a happening place.  Tim Hortons, Great Chow Chinese Delivery, Black Star Body piercing, Kingston medical arts centre, SUSHI YA!  Its all very exciting, not too sure about the body piercing though.

I don't even like Sushi...
Fun Fact! A google search for 'What is kingston ontario known for?' brings up this link:

"Kingston Ontario is known for having the world's best fresh-water shipwreck diving" - I did not know this!

So I guess one day in April I decided to go to Kingston for some damn fine SUSHI! the best fresh water diving I've ever had and maybe even a piercing of some kind.  Great... now I have to check my body to see if I have any piercings that I don't remember getting.  I really really hope I didn't get a prince albert.